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Health Benefits of Elderberry

You’ve probably seen elderberry products cropping up recently in the form of lozenges, capsules, and syrups, but despite a recent surge in attention, elderberry has long been in the back pocket of many acclaimed healers, including Hippocrates himself, who dubbed the plant “nature’s medicine chest,” for its tremendous healing capabilities. A Remedy for the Ages […]

How to Use Coffee Enemas to Detoxify & Heal from Cancer

By Dr. David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS The phrase “death begins in the colon” has seemingly become more popular and provides the simplifying truth of the importance of colon and digestive health. All throughout history enemas have been used in different cultures as a reliable strategy to cleanse the colon of harmful pathogens and debris. The […]

Interview with Lorraine Andres on RnA ReSet Radio Show

RnA ReSet Radio Show Summary Monday, September 23, 2019 In case you missed it, here is the wrap-up of last Monday’s edition of the Dr. Carolyn Dean Live Radio Show. Tonight Dr. Dean will be talking with Lorraine Andres, the Founder of True Health Canada. Lorraine is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner as well as […]

Glutamates in Magnesium Chelates

Judy just wrote to tell me her experience with glutamates in a magnesium supplement. I’ve also gotten many questions in the past about magnesium aspartate. Judy said she was taking a magnesium “amino acid chelate” supplement for about a month and found that her migraines worsened along with some of her other symptoms. She said […]

Importance of Secretor Status

In his book Eat Right 4 Your Type, Dr. D’Adamo first introduced readers to the concept of Secretors/Non-secretors. By now you are familiar with the concept that your ABO blood type is controlled by your genetics. The gene coding for your blood type lies on chromosome 9q34. However, a separate gene (called FUT2) actually interacts with your blood type […]

Determining Your Magnesium Burn Rate

  Have you started supplementing with magnesium and yet haven’t quite gotten to the point of consistent relief from symptoms? If so, determining your Magnesium Burn Rate is a strategy you can employ to determine how much magnesium you may be burning and whether or not you may actually need more magnesium to manage your […]

What is a Kangen Water Ionizer?

Introducing The Kangen Water Ionizer Kangen water may be the name used to reference the water created through the ionization technology of an Enagic product. Enagic being the Japanese manufacturer of the ionizer. Kangen water can originate from various sources. It will come from your tap water or from natural sources. However, you ought to […]

How Does Kangen Water Compare To Tap Water?

Kangen Water VS  Regular Tap Water Kangen water is healthy, filtrated alkaline water created using an enagic water ionization system. It first became popular in Japan and then spread to other Eastern countries before generally making its solution to America. Kangen water has been closely studied for some time and various benefits have now been […]

Better Brain Health – Know the facts and what you can do to improve it

“Put Your Head on My Shoulder” ‘Put your head on my shoulder Hold me in your arms, baby Squeeze me oh so tight Show me that you love me too’ Do these words ring any memory bells? “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” was written and recorded by Canadian singer songwriter Paul Anka in August […]

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