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Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s new re-engineered Supplement Packs

  Vitamins & Supplements Books & Kits Support & Tools INTRODUCING Resistance Pack 2020-2021 Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s new re-engineered pack Not all supplements are equal. And not all supplements are right for every blood type. But when it comes to strengthening the immune system, the power of elderberry, quercetin, Androgrpahis paniculata, Chinese skullcap root and […]

How Does Kangen Water Compare To Tap Water?

Kangen Water VS  Regular Tap Water Kangen water is healthy, filtrated alkaline water created using an enagic water ionization system. It first became popular in Japan and then spread to other Eastern countries before generally making its solution to America. Kangen water has been closely studied for some time and various benefits have now been […]

Alert: This Very Popular Medication is Backfiring

It’s one of the most prescribed types of medications over the past 30 years… In fact, it’s been excessively over-prescribed, and now even the Centers for Disease Control is saying it’s a public health issue.The medication is antibiotics, and if you’ve gone to the doctor in the last three decades, chances are very high they’ve been […]

The Truth About Cholesterol Levels & Cancer Most MDs Don’t Know

By Dr. Jack Wolfson Cholesterol is one of the most important molecules in your body. Often vilified by mainstream medical doctors and the media, cholesterol serves many functions including: cell membrane integrity and function; production of vitamin D; digestion (it is a large component of bile); the precursor to hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, […]

Cancer Fighting Super Berries!

Super foods are not a new concept in the health and nutrition world, but we are proud to create the term “super berries.” What is a super berry? Super berries contain high amounts of specialized nutrients and powerful antioxidants that create apoptosis (pronounced a-pop-toe-ses). Apoptosis, often called “cellular suicide,” is a natural process creating the […]

Magnesium deficiency and oxidative stress – an update:

There’s a link between Oxidative Stress and Magnesium deficiency (MgD) Abstract Magnesium deficiency (MgD) has been shown to impact numerous biological processes at the cellular and molecular levels. In the present review, we discuss the relationship between MgD and oxidative stress (OS). MgD is accompanied by increased levels of OS markers such as lipid, protein […]

Protandim, a fundamentally new antioxidant approach in chemoprevention….

Protandim, a fundamentally new antioxidant approach in chemoprevention using mouse two-stage skin carcinogenesis as a model. Liu J1, Gu X, Robbins D, Li G, Shi R, McCord JM, Zhao Y. Author information 1Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology & Neuroscience, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, Louisiana, United States of America. Abstract Oxidative stress is an […]

Bowel Toxicity

By Elizabeth Clemons DARK CENTRE Appearance – A dark, blackish colour occurring in the centre of the dry blood sample, often in many layers, but is most often seen in the last few layers. Implications: Indicative of bowel toxicity, often coupled with digestive insufficiency and/or Candida. As the immune system is often preoccupied with neutralizing […]

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