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Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments

What Is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Holistic nutritionists often recommend colon hydrotherapy treatment, know as colonics, as a natural and gentle way of enhancing a compromised digestive system and treating problems with eliminating waste. The bowel harbors friendly bacteria that perform important functions like aiding in the manufacture of vitamins and breaking down foods so that they can be absorbed properly for optimum nutrition. Colon hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to clear the body of toxins and provide relief from a range of conditions.

Colon Hydrotherapy, or Irrigation as it is sometimes called, is the gradual and gentle introduction of water into the colon via the rectum. It is administered to induce peristalsis, massage the walls of the colon and clean out impacted material that has accumulated on the walls of the colon. Many gallons of water are used during the procedure but only two pints or one liter are maintained internally at any time. The water is always under the direct control of the operator, yet guided by the client. It is introduced and expelled each time to allow the waste and plaque to be carried off.

The purpose of cleansing the bowel is to allow it to relax and rejuvenate itself. Colon irrigation is best used in conjunction with other therapies and with a specific nutritional program. That is best how to gain optimum results for any health condition. When our colon is clean and normal we are well and happy but let it stagnate and become a cesspool and we are in trouble. The entire body eventually becomes toxic.

Effects of a Compromised Colon

An inefficient colon with an excess of toxic waste and a depletion of healthy bacteria may aggravate a wide range of conditions. Toxic buildup can lead to an improper transfer of essential nutrients into the body and the proper elimination of waste. Conditions affected by a compromised colon include:

  • Eczema
  • Diverticulosis
  • Food sensitivities
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Gout
  • Hemorrhoids

Other conditions that may be helped by colon hydrotherapy include irritability, memory loss, yeast infections, lethargy, psoriasis and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Holistic nutritionists may recommend colon hydrotherapy to aid in treating these conditions.

It has been shown that many illnesses are derived from intestinal disorder. These range from constipation and diarrhea, allergies, psoriasis, acne and other skin conditions, ulcers – both internal and external, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, liver, gall bladder and kidney disorder, as well as depression (due to autointoxication), vitamin and mineral deficiency, also body odor, foot odor, bad breath, headaches, migraines, nausea and fatigue.

The liver and the lymphatic system are designed to filter and eliminate all poisonous elements. However, they can only do so much and any excess toxin is carried by the blood stream throughout the system, feeding all nerve cells, brain cells etc. The consequences of this are: nervousness, fatigue, dizziness, allergies, depression and a host of other illnesses. The reasons for these ailments stem from the fact that foods are not always properly digested.

To reverse these degenerative conditions, you must first flush the decaying toxic matter from the colon, including the old, hardened mucus and fecal incrustations. In some people, these incrustations are several inches thick and very hard. The hard incrustation on your colon wall is harmful because it keeps the lining of your colon from functioning normally and the glands in the lining cannot produce the necessary intestinal flora. The results can aggravate constipation and increase toxic poisoning of your system. Colon irrigation is the first step in the elimination of disease.

When having a procedure done, we always use disposable of sterilized speculums which are gently inserted in the rectum. Temperature controlled water flows into the colon via a small water tube and out through the evacuation tube carrying with it impacted feces and mucous. The rate of the water flow is always under the control of the practitioner, who also gently massages the abdomen to help the colon release its contents. It is possible to see this expelled waste matter in the glass tube section of the waste hose. Modesty is given TOP PRIORITY during the procedure to ensure our clients comfort. The entire process takes about 45 minutes.

Every person is unique and so are their needs. It may take more than one colon irrigation to clean a specific area. This is why a series of sessions is necessary and advisable. Generally, a series of 4 colon therapy sessions about a week apart retrains the bowel to function properly. The sessions systematically cleanse each area of the colon and encourage other organs of the body like the liver to cleanse.

After a series of Colonic sessions, you may realize that you:

  • are free of headaches
  • sleep better
  • are more flexible
  • have more energy
  • absorb your nutrients better

With the system being cleansed, the normal instincts of body functions and desires return. The equipment we use is top in its field, the Aquanet EC 2000 equipment as shown in the video.

Advantages of the Aquanet are:

  • Temperature regulation
  • Auto pressure adjust
  • Precision water flow control
  • Treatment water purification: sediment, bacteria, fungi, chlorine, toxins
  • Pressure and gravity options
  • Wide angle viewing of waste tube

Preparing for a Colon Hydrotherapy Appointment

Preparing for a colon hydrotherapy session should start long before you arrive for your appointment. Even if you just make a few changes the day before will make a difference to having a more comfortable session. The following are SUGGESTIONS ONLY.

Several days prior to your session:

Avoid any microwaved meals, sugary foods, artificial sweeteners, white flours, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cakes, breads, pasta, pastries and fast food restaurants. Gas forming foods can make the session uncomfortable. Avoid carbonated drinks as they contribute to bowel distension. Processed foods get stuck inside the gut and have no nutritional value. The days before a colonic is not the time to be indulgent. You should allow at least the day before, the day of, and the day after to be days when you are more considerate of food intake.

Drinking 16 to 32 ounces of raw vegetable juice daily is helpful. Raw veggie juice goes to work to help scrub your cells squeaky clean like soap does for us externally. A colonic rinses the released toxins out of the body and away from our internal lining. Drinking the raw veggie juice prior to your colonic helps loosen wastes in the body and starts the cleansing process in advance. A great cleansing formula by Natalia Rose is: One head romaine lettuce or equal to that amount in celery, 5-6 stalks kale, 1-2 apples, 1 whole lemon, 1-2 tablespoons fresh ginger (go all organic if you can).

Try to avoid dairy products, red meats, shell fish, processed carbohydrates (white rice, pasta, etc.), fried foods, sugar, carbonated beverages (i.e. pop, beer and even Kombutcha) for as long as you can leading up to your appointment.

Include lots of the following in your diet:

  • Raw fruits
  • Lightly steamed, low starch vegetables
  • Organic raw nuts and seeds
  • Plenty of omega 3, 6, 9, coconut oils, avocados and cold pressed plant oils like olive and
  • sesame oil
  • Whole grains – NOT whole wheat or wheat bran
  • Organic chicken and fresh water clean fish, even organic bison

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The day of your appointment:

If you are concerned about potential cramping take some magnesium before your appointment, even the night before.

Drinking as much water as you comfortably can is important but do NOT over-compensate by guzzling a gallon of water.

Do not eat 2-3 hours before your appointment. You may drink water, fresh vegetable juice, or herbal tea to stay hydrated.

If you have an appointment before noon, then eating some fruit is fine or the drink as suggested above. Be sure to eat the fruit alone, and try not to eat it the hour before your session. An afternoon salad is ok for those with evening appointments.

Don’t take laxatives. Your bowels will be encouraged to work on their own by the action of water going in and out. This strengthens the bowel and gives it tone.

You are in the process of taking very good care of yourself so allow for the time and space you need to be in a calm state of mind. Your body responds best to treatment when it is relaxed.

After Your Hydro Therapy Session:

Plan to relax after your session. It is best not to eat for several hours afterwards, or eat very light, pure and easy to digest foods for the remainder of the day. Try to stay away from nuts, spicy foods and overly rich, heavy foods. You have just cleansed your system well and you want to allow your body to rest and relax so it can go to work and heal you. We suggest fresh veggie juice, steamed vegetables, a non-cream based soup, light fish and soft whole grains. Drink plenty of fluids. Try to stay away from alcohol as it may cause a stomach ache because it is just too strong for your freshly cleansed system.

It is just fine to carry on with your normal daily plans or to return to work. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, you will feel fine.

We are the only clinic providing this to the public with no referral necessary.

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FAQ Questions About Colon Hydro Therapy

If we haven't answered your question already give us a call at 236-420-0022

Colonics Hydro Therapy FAQ's

#1 What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy (a.k.a. colonic, colon cleansing and colonic irrigation) is a naturally holistic,
safe, effective method of removing impacted, putrefied waste material from the large intestine,
without the use of drugs. By introducing triple filtered and temperature regulated water into the
colon, waste matter / fecal is softened and loosened enabling adequate evacuation through
natural peristalsis (the muscular contractions that move waste material through the intestines).
The inflow of a small stream of water and the release of waste matter and water is continuously
repeated thus inducing unhealthy matter to evacuate the large intestines. The removal of waste
encourages better colon function and elimination. The state-of-the-art Aquanet 2000 Colon
Hydro-Therapy equipment ensures you an easy and holistically safe approach towards healthy
elimination of toxic debris. Colon Hydro-Therapy is one of the most effective ways of cleansing
the lower intestinal tract (colon) and detoxifying the overall system.

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