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Daneaya Ziolkoski

Daneaya Ziolkoski


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Daneaya found herself looking for a new career after 20 years in the service industry. She
has always been passionate about all aspects of healing the body in a holistic, natural way,
and wanted to find a way to apply her passion.

Daneaya found herself in a hypnotherapy course, and knew within the first ten minutes that
she had found her passion! She finally found the thing that doesn’t feel like work. She
embarked on a journey to become a certified hypnotherapist from an IMDHA (International
Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association) registered school, and has succeeded in
learning how to apply the scientific methods of hypnosis, as well as utilizing her natural
intuitive abilities to connect, relate to and understand people.

Hypnosis is a focused state of relaxation that with Daneaya’s help can help bring relief from
many, many issues including:
● Depression
● Anxiety
● Creating new habits
● Improved self-esteem
● Insomnia
● Chronic pain
● Old belief systems
The uses of hypnosis are as limitless as the mind!
Daneaya specializes in:
● Hypnotherapy


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