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Ken Fraser

This was my first “live blood analysis” experience. After talking to several of my friends who have had this done, they did not have the same explanation experience that I did. Lorraine took the time to go over and explain to me what was under the microscope! I think what impressed me most… was the fact that there were 3 particles in my blood that she was not familiar with and certainly were not on the blood sample charts. She told me that she would show these to a doctor and find out what they were and get back to me. She did get back to me with the results, after a group session with 14 others. The results weren’t life threatening! Thank goodness! However, I did have a better understanding of how critical my sugar intact was. I’ve tried to quit eating and drinking so much sugar in the past, without success. I always went back to the coke, french fries, ice cream and chocolate bars. Since eliminating these “killers” from my diet, I feel a lot better and I’m losing weight as well. All positive results! Thanks Lorraine.

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