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The 7 worst GMO foods – Messing Up Your Hormones, Destroying Your Health and Making You Fatter

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The GMOs Scandal Exposed

Never trust the fox to guard the hen house.
This is ancient country wisdom—it’s true—yet when it comes to your
health, it’s largely ignored.
What do I mean?
Monsanto is the largest distributor of two things:
1. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Seeds
2. Roundup
GMOs are designed to withstand the toxic chemicals in Roundup—which
kills every non-GMO plant it touches. And to survive toxic levels of
And while it survives toxic doses of Roundup and pesticides—it also
absorbs Roundup and pesticides…
Deep within the plant… where they cannot be washed off.

Poison #1

According to Monsanto—a mega-corporation that makes $2B per year
selling Roundup—it is completely safe for humans to eat these plants…
And they’ve found a very sly ways of covering up the truth—that Roundup
is NOT safe for humans and NOT safe in our foods.
Let me show you just one case of what I mean…
Glyphosates are the “active ingredient” in Roundup.
After losing a $289M lawsuit for giving a farmer cancer, a Monsanto Vice
President made the following statement:

“Today’s decision does not change the fact that more than 800
scientific studies and reviews — and conclusions by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. National Institutes of
Health and regulatory authorities around the world — support the fact
that glyphosate does not cause cancer, and did not cause Mr.
Johnson’s cancer.”
Scott Partridge,
Vice President, Monsanto
You don’t get to be a VP at a $2B corporation without knowing how to
parrot the company talking points.
But it is a very clever play on words… See, there are a couple of problems
with those “800 scientific studies and reviews”…
First—who ran those experiments?
You guessed it!
In most cases Monsanto ran the studies… Monsanto paid the scientists…
And Monsanto made a killing off the results.
That’s the fox guarding the hen house.
The other problem?
They only tested PART of the Roundup formula!
Meaning: They left out all of the other ingredients in Roundup.
That’s why VP Scott didn’t say “Roundup does not cause cancer” instead
he says, “glyphosates do not cause cancer.”
And while many researchers (who were NOT paid by Monsanto) reached
the conclusion that glyphosates are very dangerous…

We’ll have to leave that alone for now because the point of the story is to
show how deceptive these people are when they speak.
Glyphosates are NOT the only ingredient in Roundup.
Glyphosates are not sprayed on our food—Roundup is sprayed on our
And you can’t separate the glyphosates from the other chemicals once
they’re in our food…
Saying “glyphosates” are safe is a lot like saying fast food burgers are good
for you because protein is good for you…
But protein ain’t the only ingredient in a fast food burger!
(forgive the bad grammar please!)
And again, glyphosates aren’t the only ingredient in Roundup.
To understand the danger, we need to look back at the roots of where
Roundup came from—all the way back to the Vietnam War.
And Agent Orange.
Agent Orange was a toxic chemical “defoliant” in the Vietnam war…
It’s best known today for giving Vietnamese families and our brave service
men and women cancer.
Monsanto provided it—the same Monsanto that provides us with GMO
seeds today… and the wildly popular “weed killer” Roundup.
Both of which are in well over 75% of our food.
What they don’t tell you is that the exact same chemical that was in Agent
Orange—a toxic chemical called 2,4-D…
Is STILL being used today…

In fact, it’s one of the primary “weed killing agents” in Roundup—and we
spray 300 MILLION pounds of it on our food every year.

Agent Orange contained two active ingredients—one of which was 2,4-D…
They somehow still manage to get away with claiming it’s “safe” because
they removed the OTHER ingredient…
Apparently by itself—they say—2,4-D is safe and it’s only when you
combine it with another active ingredient that it becomes dangerous.
Yet all of their Roundup testing is done by isolating the active ingredient—
glyphosates—from 2,4-D and claiming it is “safe.”
But when they spray it on our food supply—they don’t spray glyphosates—
they spray a blend of glyphosates and 2,4-D along with a lot of other
undisclosed ingredients.
Do you see what they’re doing?
They’re using double-speak to trick the public into feeling safe… And if you
look around, it’s working.
The best estimates reveal that over 75% of our food is full of this toxic
chemical cocktail.
And the EPA allows this to happen… claiming it’s safe right along with their
good buddies at Monsanto.
In fact, the EPA and Monsanto get along with each other so well that the
same people who work for Monsanto move on to high-ranking jobs in the
And if they get tired of “public service” they go right back to work for
Nothing to see here… Let’s just move on.
A group of independent scientists reached a very different conclusion from
the one Monsanto and the EPA reached through their collusion.

Their results were published in a report with a title that says it all:

“Glyphosate-Based Herbicides are Toxic and Endocrine

Disruptor in Human Cell Lines”

Their experiments proved that levels the EPA says are safe…
Are NOT safe.
And they pointed out one of the clever ways that Monsanto and the EPA
have gotten away with their lies:
By testing the ingredients individually—instead of testing them the way they
are applied to our food supply.
These scientists exposed human liver cells to the exact same chemical
cocktails that are sprayed on our foods…
This is the scientifically accepted “gold standard” for quickly discovering the
effects of a chemical on the human body…
Their experiment proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the chemical
herbicides sprayed on our foods do three things:
1. Destroy & Mutate Human DNA & RNA
2. Drive estrogen levels out of natural balance
3. Push male androgen levels out of balance
Is it any wonder then that as Roundup use ramped up, we’ve seen cancer,
chronic disease and hormone imbalances rise at the same rate?
These independent researchers concluded that we MUST re-evaluate the
conclusions reached through the collusion between Big Food and Big

Poison #2+

GMOs are also engineered to survive toxic levels of pesticides.

According to the NIH, the potential health effects of pesticides on humans
include cancer and damage to the nervous, endocrine, and reproductive
In other words—they do more of the same things Roundup and other
herbicides do… And the damaging effects of both are amplified by their
combined use on our food.
Plus, it doesn’t really take a scientist to understand that poison designed to
kill one type of living creature will probably kill other types of living
creatures as well.
Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want pesticides and herbicides in
my lunch—and I don’t want them in my kids’ lunches.
But whether we want them or not—they’re there.
Sadly, we the people have allowed this practice to go on for decades
without realizing it… All because we trusted mega-corporations working
with un-elected government officials to protect our children… BUT:
We can no longer afford to let this go unchallenged.
Someone has to stand up for the next generation and say:
“Enough is enough.”
We cannot allow levels of known poisons to rise higher and higher in our
children’s food…
We have to fight this—all of us… together… including you.
That’s why we push so hard to get the truth about GMOs to as many
people as possible through the GMOs Revealed docu-series…
And why we’re re-opening the series to the public for free (registration
opens up tonight).

This is not a small thing—this is a fight for the lives of the most innocent…
the children we are called to protect.
But what can YOU do? Simple.
Please, if you are at all willing to help—share the GMOs Revealed series
with someone today by sending them to
Now let’s dive into the 7 worst GMO foods that are messing up your
hormones, destroying your health—and making you fat.

The 7 Worst GMO Foods Messing Up Your Hormones,
Destroying Your Health and Making You Fatter

GMO #1: Corn

As much as 90% of the corn in the US is GMO corn.
One type in particular is “bt corn” which is mutated to act as a pesticide so
that when insects eat it, “bt corn” explodes in their stomach and kills them.
Remember it’s not just corn you need to watch out for—you also need to
watch out for corn products like high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, corn
starch, dextrose, fructose, citric acid, lactic acid, and corn oil.
Also beware of animals fed genetically modified corn because the end
products—burgers, bacon, eggs, cheese, milk and other animal products—
will contain GMO toxins.

GMO #2: Soy

Like corn, almost all of the soy grown in the US is GMO soy (90%+).
Over 96.7 million pounds of glyphosates are sprayed on soybeans each
year. And because soy is almost as common in our diet as corn—you’ll find
it lurking everywhere.

Watch out for tofu, veggie burgers, soy flour, textured vegetable protein,
lecithin, soy sauce, soy protein isolate, mono and di-glycerides, teriyaki,
MSG, and soybean oil.
Soy can also frequently be found hiding in guar gum, vegetable starch,
thickener, mixed tocopherols, and natural flavoring.
One study of GMO soy reported recorded what happened to hamsters fed
GMO soy for three generations over a two-year period… The study
Those on the GM diet, and especially the group on the maximum GM
soy diet, showed devastating results.
By the third generation, most GM soy-fed hamsters lost the ability to
have babies. They also suffered slower growth, and a high mortality
rate among the pups.
And if this isn’t shocking enough, some in the third generation even
had hair growing inside their mouths…
Animals also eat soy in their feed along with GMO corn—so beware of
animal products as well!

GMO #3: Canola Oil

GMO Rapeseed is the source of canola oil—and it has been falsely
labelled as a healthy oil by many.
But there is little about canola oil that is good for you. The toxic rapeseed
plant was changed through a mutagenic process using radiation.
To pull it out of the plant it must be chemically removed from the seeds,
then deodorized and altered, in order to be utilized in foods.
It is among the most chemically altered foods in our diets.
And when you ingest the oil, you’re eating a highly concentrated form of
this GMO plant.

The cheaply used oil is found in so many foods it’s hard to avoid… but you
should read labels and avoid anything with canola oil!

GMO #4: Sugar Beets

Sugar is bad for you already—genetically modifying it and spraying it with
toxins doesn’t make it healthier.
Most white sugar comes from sugar beets, and 95% of them are GMO.
This genetically modified sugar hit the market in the U.S. in 2009.
If you’re buying packaged foods and trying to avoid sugar, good luck. It’s in
everything from pasta sauce to chips and fruit juices.

GMO #5: Aspartame

Aspartame is made with genetically modified bacteria.
It is in more than 6,000 products including gum, baked goods, dessert
mixes, yogurts, and sweeteners, and it’s also found in some
pharmaceutical drugs and vitamins!
Aspartame accounts for as much as 75 percent of adverse reactions to
food additives according to some reports. Even seizures and deaths have
been blamed on aspartame.
Don’t eat it.

GMO #6: Zucchini & Yellow Squash

Two recent victims of GMO madness are zucchini and yellow squash.
At least they aren’t commonly hidden in the ingredient list of other food
If you like squash check out a farmer’s market that doesn’t sell GMO
squash or grow your own using non-modified seed.

GMO #7: Papaya


This last one may come as a surprise… But GMO papayas have been
grown in Hawaii since 1999.
In fact, most of the Hawaiian grown papayas are GMO.
Even if you rarely buy fresh papaya, keep an out for papaya enzymes in
your cosmetics… Papaya extract is a popular ingredient in lotions, creams,
shampoo, conditioner, and other beauty products.
And anything you put on your skin immediately enters your blood stream.
The links between GMOs and chronic disease, hormone imbalances and
obesity are becoming more and more clear by the day.
I hope you enjoyed this free report!
To learn the truth about GMOs, how to avoid them and rid your body of the
toxic effects they cause—directly from the brave scientists fighting Big
Food for the safety of humanity…
Be sure to catch every episode of the free, 9-part docu-series at:
The GMOs Revealed Team

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