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True Health Canada Is Offering LBA Live Blood Analysis to Help Everyone Achieve Wellness


Summary: LBA live blood analysis is one of the many services offered by True Health Canada, a Kelowna clinic specializing in alternative medicine. The clinic advocates a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition and aims to help everyone become healthy.

The people of today have the highest levels of stress in history, which results in failing health and many diseases that seemingly appear out of nowhere. True Health Canada is a wellness clinic in Kelowna, BC that tries to change this situation and help the people of Canada to become healthier and happier. To that end, the clinic offers a wide range of services that include LBA live blood analysis and hair and tissue mineral analysis. The results of these are used to develop detailed nutrition and treatment plans that will allow every patient to achieve their maximum level of wellness.

What Is

True Health Canada is a holistic wellness clinic founded by Lorraine Andres. Lorraine has been an expert in holistic nutrition and microscopy for years and holds multiple certificates. Those include a Certification in Live and Dry Blood Analysis and Applied Nutritional Microscopy. She is also a Registered Holistic Nutrition Coach who now puts her many years of experience to good use by helping people get healthier with the help of personalized nutrition plans and alternative medicine.

The clinic’s team includes experts in massage, counseling, and many other therapies. This collaboration between professionals is not restricted to alternative medicine only. True Health Canada is open to working with traditional medical professionals to help complement their treatment plans.

This holistic wellness clinic is focused on filling the gaps that modern medicine often leaves, such as nutrition and non-pharmaceutical therapies. At the moment, the clinic’s two main focuses are:

Both these tests measure the nutritional content in the patient’s body with extreme finesse. This allows the experts to identify minute nutritional imbalances and develop a holistic diet that will meet the patient’s needs perfectly.

The clinic also provides a variety of nutritional products that it can ship to any corner of the country. The quality of those is tested to ensure their safety and efficiency.

True Health Canada provides LBA live blood analysis as well as hair and tissue mineral analysis not only to its human patients. The clinic also offers the same services for dogs and horses, whose owners want to keep them healthy and strong.

Holistic wellness plans developed by the clinic’s experts are designed based on the patient’s exact needs. They are presented to the patient’s Medical Doctor to ensure that they will complement and enhance the overall treatment plan and ensure rapid recovery for the patient.

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