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Aging: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet


Aging: Fight It With The Blood Type Diet

The Individualized Plan for Preventing and Treating Brain Decline, Cognitive Impairment, Hormonal Deficiency, and the Loss of Vitality Associated with Advancing Years.

Aging: Fight it With The Blood Type Diet features:

  • Specific tools for slowing aging and its attendant conditions that are not available in any of Dr. D’Adamo’s other books.
  • A diet tailored to your blood type that aids natural prevention and treatment.
  • A new category of condition-specific Super Beneficials that highlight powerful foods.
  • Blood-type-specific protocols for targeted vitamins, supplements, and herbs.
  • Finally, Aging includes a four-week plan for getting started that offers practical strategies for eating, exercising, and living right.

Weight 150 kg

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