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The ‘True Health Canada’ clinic opened at the start of 2016. A long, windy road has brought me to my destination of enjoyment, gratitude and level of education that sits on a perpetual wheel of improvement. I’ve been involved in living a healthy lifestyle from about the age of 8, when our family moved out of the city and up to the Okanagan area in BC.

Lorraine Andres RHNP
Certified Natural Microscopy Practitioner, and Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner.


Based in the Okanagan, BC, Lorraine Andres RHNP is a Registered Holistic Nutrition, Microscopy & Biofeedback Practitioner.  She currently offers structured, individualized nutritional programs for people (all ages) and animals across Canada.  

Lorraine lives a healthy lifestyle, from an early age.  She encourages Self-help health strategies and natural alternative remedies.   She works closely with specialized Doctors, Naturopaths and other personal care professionals.  As a believer in organic, GMO/chemical/filler-free supplements,  Lorraine guides you to what your body says it needs, versus traditional guessing.  Reverse the cause, instead of masking the symptoms.

A happy farm-based upbringing ingrained a link to the animal world. A mother of four home-schooled children, she’s polished many talents, including a university level training in Equine psychology, nutrition, applied kinesiology and rehabilitation, along with a Canine Raw Food Nutrition Specialist Certification.  

As an Equine Canada Certified Competition Coach, if not in the clinic, you can find Lorraine exploring a mountain trail on one of her horses, or teaching a clinic. 

"Our health is Everything & worth maintaining."


Everything we do in life is dependent on our health and ability to accomplish our goals. You don’t appreciate your life, until you think you’re going to lose it. You don’t appreciate your health, until it’s in jeopardy. I experienced times when I thought I might not be there to raise my kids! My health became my priority. Now I share my knowledge and experience with others.

Specializing in microscopy, I have taken a special step to identify blood type specific needs per each individual. I have enjoyed learning from Dr. D’Adamo NP (internationally known in BT diets and supplements), Dr. Okker Botha NP in Johannesburg, SA. , Dr.’s Malter and Watts MD’s, in HTMA. It all ties into Live Blood Microscopy so well; I can see the difference!

Combinations of food are endless! At this time, my favourite ‘recipe’ is a quick afternoon snack consisting of 6 almonds, 6 macadamia nuts, half an oz of pumpkin seeds and 6 walnuts. Done, Blood Type compatible, I’m loaded with nutrition and energy and on my way to finish the afternoon. I always buy whole, raw, sprouted seeds and drink healthy ERW water.
My passions include watching my adult kids grow their lives and families of their own. Time stands still when I’m with my horses, though. Young, old, abused, neglected, they all need someone who cares and has the understanding to take them to a better place. They give so much in return!
I enjoy doing a variety of speaking and/or teaching. I’ve enjoyed talking at a local health food store about the blood type differences, and how I identify anomalies in the blood. I show video documentaries, made by many doctors from around the world, on the topics of cancer, vaccines, herbs and oils. I will soon add a short course on how to make a real raw diet for pets!

I have self published a book: “Naturally Feeding Canines, Thinking outside the Bag!”
A revised edition is underway for 2018. Keep an eye, as there have been other articles on me in the area. I support Women in Business!

I’m quite involved in the community, as well. I sit on the Agriculture Advisory Committee for the City of Lake Country, I’m a member of the (Europe based) Complimentary Medical Association, I’m an Equine Canada Certified Competition Western Coach, and also a member of ALERT (Emergency animal evacuations).
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Always know there’s more to know! Learn from others, be generous of your ability, knowledge and care about what you do.

Let’s help people become empowered with their own health. We can make our world a better place, a healthier place. Quality of life is attainable. If you can’t do it alone, we can do it together!

What is Live Blood Analysis?

Live Blood Analysis is natural way to show people exactly what is going inside of them by determining where the imbalances are in their health, and setting them on a proactive path to avert potentially serious health conditions.

It just takes one drop of blood from the end of a finger, which is then analyzed on a microscopic slide. Many blood anomalies can be found using this system that may remain unseen using traditional techniques.


What To Expect

When you consult with me, you will receive qualified holistic nutritional guidance that will discuss and explore alternative health options based on each individuals needs for your health concerns and what can be done to assist you, whether it be different recommended protocols or Mineral Supplements based on analysis results.

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    Our mission is to be the Okanagan’s most respected source of education for health. It is gratifying to share our extensive training and combined years of experience. We help people and animals with natural alternatives through nutritional analysis.

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    The ‘True Health Canada’ clinic opened at the start of 2016.  A long, windy road has brought me ...

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