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Holistic Nutrition and Wellness

Top Quality Holistic Treatments That Work

Helping people feel better naturally.

Hair and Blood Analysis

By analysing Live Blood we are able to determine the health of the body and see any problems that may be developing to treat them in a timely manor.

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Pioneering in Holistic Health.

Building a healthy environment that supports development for the community and people, offering informative consultations that will discuss and explore alternative health options for your health concerns.
  Blood Typing and Live Blood Analysis and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 
  Registered Holistic Nutritionist - Offering food sourced organic supplements - Diet and Meal Plans available.
Classroom / Education Classes  - Special Guests - Healthy Water Demos
 Other services offered - Maxpulse  -  Colonic - Colon Hydrotherapy


We Empower people , by helping them to take control of there own health.

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What To Expect

When you visit True Health Canada You will receive qualified holistic nutritional guidance that will discuss and explore alternative health options based on each individuals needs for your health concerns and what can be done to assist you, whether it be different recommended treatments or Mineral Supplements based on the testing done.

  • We believe in working together with your wellness team to ensure you get the best treatment for your overall wellbeing.
  • Our HTMA- Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can also be done long distance - does not matter where you live.
  • We also offer food-sourced Organic Supplements and Minerals as well as Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers.
  • Inquire about other innovative new treatments for bettering your health.
    Blood Specific Minerals and Supplements

    Wide Variety Of Quality Organic Blood Specific Minerals and Supplements Available.

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Ken Fraser

This was my first “live blood analysis” experience. Since eliminating "Killers" such as sugars from my diet i feel alot better and I am losing weight as well. All positive results.

Ken Fraser


Nat Mlikotic

I want to thank you for your service for it has changed my life. I have lost 15lbs and feel great. I have more energy and am more upbeat.

Nat Mlikotic


The most qualified, skillful and professional

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