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60 Veggie Caps (Stearate Free)
Suggested Use:
1 capsule, twice daily as a dietary supplement, or as directed by a physician

Next-Generation Blood Sugar Support
Originally developed for use in his clinic, Dr. D’Adamo designed Glycoscia to support the body’s natural ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Five Key Nutrients For Healthy Blood Sugar Levels In his clinical research, Dr. D’Adamo is not content to settle for trendy, common ingredients that are harmful to or not effective for one or more blood types. Glycoscia is the first blood sugar support formula Right for All Types. Dr. D’Adamo carefully selected three well-researched botanicals from the traditional texts of China, India, and Japan, and blended them with nature’s foundational flavonoid Quercetin and the potent nutraceutical Resveratrol.

Cardiovascular Support from the Active Component of Red Wine.

Found primarily in red wine and red grape skins, In a now-famous recent Harvard study, mice fed resveratrol were reported over time to be thinner and healthier with increased life-spans. Each capsule of Glycoscia supplies a full 50 mg of Resveratrol, providing 50% trans-resveratrol compounds.

Salacia Root
Supports Natural Carbohydrate Metabolism.

The herb Salacia Oblogna Root has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. Salacia plays an important role in supporting natural carbohydrate metabolism and in maintaining the homeostasis of lipid metabolism. The inhibition of these substances is thought to help the body maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

Red Sage Root
Antioxidant Support for Circulatory Health.

Used traditionally in Chinese medicine, recent research in the West confirms Salvia’s importance for supporting cardiovascular health and liver function.

Maitake Mushroom
Adaptogen Considered to be “The King of Mushrooms.”

Research suggests that Maitake improves the lipid profile and appears to have blood sugar modulating effects. A 2002 study concluded that Maitake favorably influences glucose/insulin metabolism in insulin-resistant mice.

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