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Regular B12 Vitamin B12 Energy Patch – 8 Patches (1 month’s supply)


Here’s Why Our Vitamin B12 Energy Patches Are So Effective:
1. Correct form of B12:
Our patches contain methylcobalamin (1000mcg per patch). This is the natural, bio-available form of vitamin B12 that can be immediately utilized by the body. We don’t use the cheap, synthetic form of vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin that contains cyanide and robs the body of valuable methyl groups.

2. Correct route:
Our patches deliver vitamin B12 through the skin, using a small medical-grade patch placed behind the ear. This ensures efficient, direct-to-bloodstream delivery of the active ingredients. Learn more about the advantages of transdermal delivery here: 5 REASONS WHY TRANSDERMAL DELIVERY IS SUPERIOR TO ORAL SUPPLEMENTATION

3. Correct dose:
Each patch delivers 1000 mcg of methylcobalamin in a steady time-release dose over a 24-hour period.

4. Synergism:
In addition to methylcobalamin, each patch also delivers 400mcg of folic acid, which is widely known to work synergistically with methylcobalamin for heart and nervous system health.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency May Cause:

  • Low energy / fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Mood Changes
  • Memory Loss 
  • Poor concentration 

Research shows increased B12 deficiencies in new-borns, young children, teenagers and young adults.  It does not become depleted because of age.  This is not routinely tested for all ages.  Live blood analysis is an accurate method to consider to see YOUR blood live and in it’s current true state.  Call for details.  250-999-5090  

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