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Lorraine Andres Holistic Nutritionist and Morphologic Hematoligist

Lorraine Andres RHNP

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Tranquille Technologies Inc. Founder and Certified Natural Microscopy Practitioner


Mon-Thus:10am - 5pm

Friday:11Am - 4 PM


About the Natural Microscopy

The ‘True Health Canada’ clinic opened at the start of 2016.  A long, windy road has brought me to my destination of enjoyment, gratitude and level of education that sits on a perpetual wheel of improvement.  I’ve been involved in living a healthy lifestyle from about the age of 8, when our family moved out of the city and up to the Okanagan area in BC.

A happy farm-based upbringing ingrained a link to the animal world.  A mother of four home-schooled kids, I’ve polished many talents, including a university level training in Equine psychology, nutrition, applied kinesiology and rehabilitation.  I am proud to reach the status of Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, however, this was preceded by a Certification in Live and Dry Blood Analysis and Applied Nutritional Microscopy and Morphologic Hematology.

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