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Cure Tooth Decay Naturally

Cure tooth decay naturally by understanding the actual cause of cavities

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer (NaturalNews)


Regularly brushing one’s teeth, flossing, and swishing with mouthwash are all great ways to help prevent the formation of cavities, so long as only appropriate, chemical-free products are used. But are these actually the best methods for preventing the root cause of cavities, or are they merely adjuncts to something else that’s much more important for maintaining oral health?

According to internationally published author Ramiel Nagel, author of the book Cure Tooth Decay, much of what we’ve all been told about how to keep our teeth healthy is bunk. Tooth decay isn’t just a factor of bacterial overgrowth in the mouth, it turns out, and contrary to what most people think, trying to keep one’s mouth sterile isn’t going to keep dental cavities from forming.

Brushing, flossing, rinsing, and deep cleaning indeed help remove unwanted food particles and other substances from the mouth that, if left there for too long, can create plaque that eats away at tooth enamel. But there are other causes of plaque that have more to do with the types of foods a person eats as opposed to just how much of it is left inside his mouth after a meal.

The root cause of tooth decay, believe it or not, is actually an unhealthy diet deficient or devoid of important vitamins and minerals, whose job it is to keep damaging plaque from forming on the surfaces of teeth. These important substances are meant to be used by the body as a type of dental shield, protecting tooth enamel and ensuring that teeth thrive in a living, rather than sterile, environment.

“It is the missing vitamins in our diet that is the primary cause of tooth cavities,” explains, noting that all the methods aimed at keeping the mouth sterile, including artificial water fluoridation, are actually making the problem worse rather than better.

“Thus, although there does indeed appear to be a convincing relationship between tooth cleansing (toothbrushing frequency) and tooth cleanliness, diet may play the ultimate role in determining the rate, if any, of tooth decay.”

Looking to avoid cavities? Reinvent your diet

Comprehensive studies looking at artificial water fluoridation reveal that not only does this chemical additive not help prevent tooth decay, but it can actually contribute to it in the form of dental fluorosis. One such study by the National Institute of Dental Research, the biggest ever conducted, found back in 1987 that fluoride or non-fluoride, cavity rates are the same across the board.

The real culprit in widespread tooth decay is a deficiency in important nutrients like vitamin C, which has been directly linked to excess plaque debris in the mouth. Poor digestion of calcium and phosphorus is another critical factor in the formation of plaque, as these nutrients work in tandem with vitamin C as a type of non-mechanical brushing system to keep the mouth clean and cavity-free.

Avoiding processed and other nutrient-depleted foods is the first step towards reversing the progression of tooth decay. The second is replacing these foods with nutrient-dense alternatives which, over time, will help balance the internal terrain of the body, effectively balancing that of the mouth in the process.

“Our dental health is a reflection of the internal chemistry and health of our organs and glands. When our organs and glands are poisoned, they won’t work as well over time, and thus people will have a lower immunity to cavities,” adds

“By consuming whole and unrefined foods, and not just vegetables, but foods not commonly eaten today, such as liver, bone marrow, unpastuerized milk and butter from grassfed cows, and more, we can reclaim our natural ability to have health teeth and bones.”

On the topic of Fluoride, if you’d like more information, see the link below:

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