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Interview with Lorraine Andres on RnA ReSet Radio Show


RnA ReSet Radio Show Summary
Monday, September 23, 2019

In case you missed it, here is the wrap-up of last Monday’s edition of the Dr. Carolyn Dean Live Radio Show.

Tonight Dr. Dean will be talking with Lorraine Andres, the Founder of True Health Canada. Lorraine is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner as well as an experienced practitioner in the fields of live blood microscopy and holistic practices with horses – one of God’s most graceful creatures! Lorraine also has a tremendous background working with the Blood Type Diet – one of Dr. Dean’s favorite programs.

Here’s an outline of the different topics covered and the time stamp for each topic. Just click the headings to listen to the whole hour or advance to your topic of interest.

Hour 1 – Click Here

0:43: Ginney: Intro

4:03: Dr. Carolyn: Intro

4:45: Dr. Carolyn: Ginney’s Blog on Lorraine Andres and Eating for your Blood Type – with Dr. Dean

7:06: Lorraine, Ginney, and Dr. Carolyn: Overview of Lorraine’s background and her message of “Return to simplicity.” Lorraine talks about her continual search for quality which led her to find The Completement Formulas.

13:39: Dr. Carolyn: Discusses how the body is trying to stay balanced, in the face of things being thrown at it that keep it off balance.

17:15: Lorraine: Talks about her analysis of The Completement Formulas vs. products on the health food stores’ shelves. The goal is homeostasis and products have to communicate with each other to create this.

21:39: Dr. Carolyn and Lorraine: How did the microscopy of customers who use the Completement Formulas change?

30:00: Dr. Carolyn: Our minerals don’t need a healthy bowel to be absorbed. In fact, minerals improve the structure and function of the bowel tissues in order to allow better absorption of food and release of toxins.

32:17: Lorraine and Dr. Carolyn: People get stuck in a certain way of living and don’t want to change. Discusses daily toxic exposure and doing a small amount of daily cleansing.

36:00: Dr. Carolyn and Lorraine: What is the percentage of people who see you that are ill vs. those who are healthy and want to expand their health?

41:19: Lorraine: Describes people with Blood Type A.

47:35: Dr. Carolyn: Discusses blood type diets being fairly similar to each other. Talks about everyone’s need for some amino acids. So, she is glad that Lorraine isn’t approaching Type A Diet as if it’s strictly vegetarian.

48:28: Dr. Carolyn and Lorraine: Talk about development of lectins in Type A Blood Type eaters.

52:30: Dr. Carolyn: Seeing patients face-to-face in clinical settings makes it easier to understand the nuances of helping people developing their perfect nutritional plan.

Hour 2 – Click Here

0:44: Ginney: Intro

3:11: 226: Canada: Helen: I’m an O Blood Type who is attending a retreat where the food is completely vegetarian. What can I do?

9:32: 770: Dana: I’m an O Negative Blood Type. Can you discuss this?

12:15: Lorraine: Discusses characteristics of people with O Blood Type.

13:58: Dr. Carolyn and Lorraine: I think my diet type has changed on the Keto Diet. Lorraine discusses this with Dr. Dean. The key question is, “How does that make you feel?”

18:56: Lorraine: Discusses characteristics of people with B Blood Type.

21:56: Dr. Carolyn and Lorraine: Do people have time to research their health in such detail?

23:26: Lorraine: Discusses characteristics of people with A/B Blood Type.

24:10: Ginney: Discusses how to work with True Health Canada and Lorraine.

25:20: Chat: Teresa – 62 years of age. 4 tsp ReMag and 1 tsp ReMyte now. She has been on products for 4 month. Asks about cramps and stiffness after exercise.

29:11: Lorraine: Discusses working with pets.

34:55: Lorraine: Talks about timing of food/supplements for various blood types.

37:50: Lorraine: Discusses blood type testing.

39:10: Mail Bag:
What can you see when you look at blood under the microscope?

43:01: Phone: 561: FL: Catherine: Will ReMag help H pylori and yeast?

50:35: Lorraine: Gave her phone number in case her website isn’t accommodating people:  236-420-0022

54:45: Lorraine: I would like to point you to the website about Canadian Natural Health Legislation which is coming up for vote.


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