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Structured Water Units Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do the units eliminate Chlorine?
A:  Chlorine, when Structured turns into a gas this gas is lighter than water and heavier than air. So when running it into a container like a glass the chlorine gas rises to the surface over time and remains on the surface. I suggest you blow on the surface of the water than drink.

Ph, remember ph means potential hydrogen. There many reasons that potentially hydrogen may differ from time to time. In your water is what is called total dissolved  solids ( TDS) and these solids build up on the inside of your pipes especially when near electricity. Hydrogen, free hydrogen, is attracted to these dissolved  solids so until the Structured Water has completely brought this condition into solution you may experience a variation in ph. The color red increases hydrogen. Anger and stress decrease hydrogen. Structured Water brings life into balance.

All the aspects of bringing your water back to its original intended form is about energy. This energy brings Coherence, Balance, Harmony making the water sweet, soft and exquisitely productive within its effective field. So considering all the toxic and disruptive energies water faces today to return it to its original form takes energy. Increasing the number of Structured Water units in series brings more energy to bare on the problem. If you have a Portable place a finger on the spigot, fill it 3/4 full with liquid, place the palm of your other hand over the funnel and shake it up and down. This action will increase the Structure significantly.

Look at and find the Scientific study; Hagalis AG, GDV Statistical Analysis #1, etc. for more information.

 Q: Do the Units eliminate Fluoride?
A:  When water is structured all contaminants are neutralized and changed on the molecular level so they will pass through the elimination system and not be ingested.

On you will find a report by Hagalis AG, Crystallization Analysis Quality of Water Purification Units (Natural Action Technologies Inc.) This shows the molecular structure change relative to a Hydrogen Bond Angle increase of 120 degrees.

Tap water forms into clusters contain 10s of thousands of water molecules holding on to the energy and physical properties of all the toxins, hydrocarbons, bacteria, viruses, molds and pathogens the water has passed through or passed by sense it came out of Nature.

Natural Action Technologies Structured Water & Air units increase the Hydrogen Bond Angle reducing the water molecule clusters to between 5 and 20 molecules making Structured Water incapable of holding on to any physical properties or energies detrimental to life including toxins, hydrocarbons, bacteria, viruses, molds and pathogens. In other words Fluoride being poison, toxic, impossible to energetically reside in Structured Water.

Q: Where do the physical toxins go?
A: They go out our elimination systems. Everything we eat and everything we drink goes out our elimination system. So what feeds our cells? The energy of the food we eat and the energy of all we drink feeds our cells. How does this energy get to every cell in our bodies? This energy rides on the surface of water molecules and is delivered to each and every cell in our bodies. How does the water we drink and bathe in get to be an individual water molecule? Our bodies have make the water so by extending an enormous amount of energy which if this energy could be converted to electricity would light up a house for a month. Or we could use Natural Action Technologies Structured Water to instantaneously energetically hydrate and feed us at the cellular level.

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