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Bowel Toxicity

By Elizabeth Clemons DARK CENTRE Appearance – A dark, blackish colour occurring in the centre of the dry blood sample, often in many layers, but is most often seen in the last few layers. Implications: Indicative of bowel toxicity, often coupled with digestive insufficiency and/or Candida. As the immune system is often preoccupied with neutralizing […]

Bio-Ionic Liquid Mineral Concentrate

The most comprehensive liquid remineralizing and alkalizing formula on the market. Now available at Tranquille Technologies Inc. Contains a Proprietary Blend of: 72 Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake 12 Liquid Biochemic Tissue “cell” Salts Fulvic Mineral Concentrate Potassium Bicarbonate Sodium Bicarbonate Potassium Hydroxide Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt MSM N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) […]

Free Radical Damage

Posted 3/18/2016 Oxidative stress in health and disease: the therapeutic potential of Nrf2 activation. Hybertson BM1, Gao B, Bose SK, McCord JM.   Click here to see the post. Abstract For the past 40 years or so, oxidative stress has been increasingly recognized as a contributing factor in aging and in various forms of pathophysiology generally associated with aging. Our view […]

Vitamin D Deficiency

By Dr. Mercola Nine out of ten Americans may be deficient in Vitamin D and not even know it. Are you getting enough of this vital nutrient? If you are taking a supplement, is it a form your body can easily absorb for optimal benefits? There are over 34,000 scientific investigations to date on how vitamin […]

Autophagy — How Your Body Detoxifies and Repairs Itself

By: Dr. Mercola Posted 3/9/2016 While there are many different ways to rid your body of accumulated toxins, from detoxifying foods and chemical and/or natural detox agents to saunas, a biological process known as autophagy plays a key role. The term autophagy means “self-eating,” and refers to the processes by which your body cleans out various […]

What You Need to Know About B12

  B12: Cyanocobalamin vs Methylcobalamin Posted 3/18/2016 Cyanocobalamin, in summary, is a low-grade, low quality and slightly toxic (due to the cyanide) form of vitamin B12 that’s used by all the cheap vitamin manufacturers.  I recommend avoiding it completely. It won’t kill you to take it, of course, but there’s a better solution for B12. […]

Blood Type Influences Breast Milk

Blood type and secretor status can influence the breast milk of nursing mom’s. Mom’s secretor status has a lot of influence on the microbiome of her breast-fed child. The principal sugars in human breast milk are rich in the glycan fucose, but milk from non-secretor moms is much lower in its fucose content. Bifidobacterium longum, […]

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