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magnesium burn rate

Do you Know your Magnesium Burn Rate?

Are you supplementing with magnesium but haven’t quite experienced a shift in your well-being?

If so, gauging your Magnesium Burn Rate is a strategy you can employ to determine how much magnesium you may be burning and whether or not you may actually need more magnesium to manage your daily stressors. Because, ultimately, that is what is happening within the chemistry of the body – magnesium is being utilized to manage all types of stress and biological functions.  So being aware of your burn rate gives you an idea of how much magnesium you are using. This is much more important than just following the recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Here is a list of stressors as outlined by Dr. Elson Hass:

  1. Physical: intense exertion, manual labor, lack of sleep, travel
  2. Chemical: drugs, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and environmental pollutants such as cleaning chemicals or pesticides
  3. Mental: perfectionism, worry, anxiety, long work hours
  4. Emotional: anger, guilt, loneliness, sadness, fear
  5. Nutritional: food allergies, vitamin, and mineral deficiency
  6. Traumatic: injuries or burns, surgery, illness, infections, extreme temperatures

7. Psycho-spiritual: troubled relationships, financial or career pressures, challenges with life goals, spiritual alignment, happiness.

Finally, let’s add the misdiagnosis by the medical profession of hundreds of magnesium deficiency symptoms. For example, telling an elderly woman that she is suffering a potentially fatal heart condition when it’s really a magnesium deficiency is pretty darn stressful.

Your Magnesium Burn Rate escalates with every additional stressor. In order to take the right amount of magnesium, you have to get to know your body. And you have to take the right type of magnesium for your body and for your symptoms.

Here are the forms of magnesium that I recommend. I don’t worry about the dozens of different chelated magnesiums anymore because the following meet most needs.

1. ReMag. A pico-ionic Magnesium that’s 100% absorbed at the cellular level. With ReMag I don’t get the laxative effect so I can take enough magnesium to eliminate my magnesium deficiency symptoms (heart palpitations and leg cramps).

Working with people who have heart arrhythmias, I find ReMag to be as effective as IV magnesium.

I used to recommend angstrom magnesium however, pico-ionic ReMag is a much higher potency at 60,000 ppm compared to 3,000 ppm in the angstrom form.

2. ReMag Lotion. When rubbed on the skin, it bypasses the intestines and is absorbed into the tissues of the body. Applied transdermally, magnesium stimulates DHEA production that occurs in the skin. It gives the benefits of ReMag pico-ionic liquid magnesium in a lotion.

Contributed by: Lorraine Andres RHNC nutritionist and blood and mineral expert.

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