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Testimonial Proof that Taking Pico Silver and Remag are beneficial

We received this great testimonial and had to share it with all of you who are interested in how taking Pico Silver and Remag can have on your body. See the what Joan has to say

“Great news for anyone who endured years of cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoke (either second hand or first hand).

This former second hand smoker is enjoying detox effects that can occur when a body gets the mineral building blocks it requires to flush out the toxins that do not support healthy function.

Years of happy marriage to a “smoker” created in me a chronic dry smokers cough, sinus infections back to back spanning several decades. Even now, 7 years as a widow, I still hack as if I was the smoker. It’s a morning ritual.

Then came Pico Silver which I jumped on. The Pico Silver being “tasteless”, I found myself just adding a teaspoon here and there throughout the day not really aiming towards anything specific but specifics magically happened.

  1. Bleeding gums from vigorous brushing stopped.
  2. My morning hacking sessions (rib banging) went from dry to extremely wet, where I let go of a lot of lingering mucus in my lungs.
  3. I am normally a woman that does not sweat, but I began to sweat, which kept my body temperature from spiking hot to cold, and back. I just felt great. And I had no ankle swelling in the heat which has been my norm.
  4. I’m able to actually control my bladder when caught short with a mental command, and it obeys.
  5. Lastly, my taste buds woke up. Everything’s just delicious and smaller quantities satisfy me. I have lost 2 lbs without doing anything but adding Pico Silver throughout my day to my sea salted water.


This I attribute to the increased neurological impulses that Dr. Dean mentions. It seems that Pico Silver amplifies whatever ReMag is doing for me!.


I see a pattern here: Pico Silver has come to my aid in expelling stuff that does not deserve residence in a human body, without any specific goal from me. What else will occur if I maintain at 1-2 tsp per day… hmmmm?”




Ready to give your cells the support they need to carry out long time toxic residents of your organs? Start with Pico Silver. It’s made to the same high-absorption standards as ReMag and ReMyte.


Lorraine Andres RHNC

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