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Kangen Water Machine K8

What is a Kangen Water Ionizer?

Introducing The Kangen Water Ionizer

Kangen water may be the name used to reference the water created through the ionization technology of an Enagic product. Enagic being the Japanese manufacturer of the ionizer. Kangen water can originate from various sources. It will come from your tap water or from natural sources. However, you ought to take the origin into consideration when selecting the appropriate product.
An Enagic product is can be used to filter tap water, but that is certainly not its primary goal. Its main function is to make healthy, ionized alkaline water. This water may then be used for drinking, cooking, or cleaning purposes.

What Is Ionized Alkaline Water?

In simple terms, ionized alkaline water is merely regular water with an increased pH level. The ionizer uses a process called electrolysis to separate the water into two components: one acidic and one alkaline. By drinking the separate stream that is certainly caused by alkaline, you will enjoy a number of health benefits. The discovery of the advantages of drinking alkaline water first took hold in Japan but has spread to various countries.
In an even more technical sense, the machines make use of a special electro-chemical process to split the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Following the separation has brought place, the portion of water closest to the anode is considered to be acidic, as the water that is closest to the cathode is considered alkaline. The water near the cathode is siphoned for drinking purposes. The more acidic water near the anode may potentially be used for household cleaning.

Kangen Is Cleaner, Healthier Water.

This alkaline water is then run through a highly efficient filtration system. The outcome is healthy alkaline water that is also free from many impurities. It is said that a lot more than 315 pollutants are available in tap water in American homes. Kangen water will contain small fraction of the pollutants.
Contributed by: Lorraine Andres wellness professional and foremost expert in water Ionizers and healthy living.

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