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Why Water Matters

Why Water Matters Even healthy eaters often underestimate the importance of their water intake and wind up suffering from chronic, low-grade dehydration. Here are just a few reasons good hydration is essential to good health, followed by six tips for staying hydrated. Energy: Suboptimal hydration slows the activity of enzymes, including those responsible for producing …

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Magnesium and Nutrient Deficiency: The Decline of Health into Illness

By Dr. Carolyn Dean The chronology of health into disease applies to most every individual who suffers from chronic symptoms that express themselves through the immune system, the circulatory system, or organ integrity. In addition to the pain, suffering, and constant disappointment of physical symptoms the individual also suffers from anxiety, depression, and lack of …

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Cancer Fighting Super Berries!

Super foods are not a new concept in the health and nutrition world, but we are proud to create the term “super berries.” What is a super berry? Super berries contain high amounts of specialized nutrients and powerful antioxidants that create apoptosis (pronounced a-pop-toe-ses). Apoptosis, often called “cellular suicide,” is a natural process creating the …

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