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How Does Kangen Water Compare To Tap Water?

Kangen Water VS  Regular Tap Water Kangen water is healthy, filtrated alkaline water created using an enagic water ionization system. It first became popular in Japan and then spread to other Eastern countries before generally making its solution to America. Kangen water has been closely studied for some time and various benefits have now been […]

Better Brain Health – Know the facts and what you can do to improve it

“Put Your Head on My Shoulder” ‘Put your head on my shoulder Hold me in your arms, baby Squeeze me oh so tight Show me that you love me too’ Do these words ring any memory bells? “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” was written and recorded by Canadian singer songwriter Paul Anka in August […]

Calcium, Magnesium and your Kidneys

One of the most popular minerals in the news today is calcium. We are told to take increased amounts in our diet as a supplement to prevent osteoporosis and eliminate muscle cramping during menstruation or from over-exercising. Yet, calcium alone is not enough. Without magnesium, calcium is not fully utilized, and calcium has under-absorption problems […]

Do you Know your Magnesium Burn Rate?

Are you supplementing with magnesium but haven’t quite experienced a shift in your well-being? If so, gauging your Magnesium Burn Rate is a strategy you can employ to determine how much magnesium you may be burning and whether or not you may actually need more magnesium to manage your daily stressors. Because, ultimately, that is […]

How to cope with effects of Time Change on body

Thanks to the time change this past weekend, it likely got easier for you to get out of bed in the morning. But, unfortunately, it can also be harder to get to sleep at night. Farewell, daylight savings time – that span of spring and summer when our governments try to “save light” by moving […]

Magnesium Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory

Chronic inflammation—not cholesterol—is the cause of heart disease. Many doctors and research scientists now believe that most chronic diseases may have the same root cause: inflammation. Chronic low-grade inflammation has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer. In a study published in the Lancet,1 the world’s leading general medical journal, […]

Health Benefits Of Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese: Nutrition & Benefits Feta cheese is one of the most popular cheese in the world, and with good reason, but before you add it to every dish, there are a few things you should know. What Is Feta Cheese? Feta cheese is a brined white cheese that comes from sheep’s milk and goat’s milk. Originating in Greece, […]

Fermented Foods

The Blood Type Diet is a great way to reduce inflammation and maximize health. Much of this has to do with lectins, the carbohydrate-binding molecules found in so many different foods. These lectins may react badly with one blood type but have no effect on another. The Blood Type Diet removes foods that are difficult […]

Eat Yourself Calm: 10 Foods That Fight Anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by several internal and external factors, but there’s a natural way to manage it that many people don’t yet know about. The nutritional strategy known as blood sugar balance is a straightforward technique that involves eating fats and proteins at every meal and snack and avoiding sugar and stimulants as much […]

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